📚✨ Unlock the Secrets of the Soul! Join our Weekly Tanya Class and Embark on a Spiritual Journey of Self-Discovery. 🌟🕍

📅 Every Wednesdays, 10:30AM
📍 [ 30W509 Shoe Factory Rd. or Elginchabad.com/zoom ]
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🔒 No prior knowledge or background in Kabbalah required!

Are you ready to delve into the profound teachings of Jewish mysticism? Our weekly Tanya class offers a captivating exploration of the Tanya, a transformative work of Chassidic philosophy.

🔍 What to expect:
✨ Dive into the depths of Jewish mysticism
✨ Discover the nature of the soul and its connection to the Divine
✨ Explore personal growth and find meaning in everyday life
✨ Nurture your spiritual journey in a welcoming and inclusive environment

Join us each week as we unravel the mysteries of the soul and embark on a transformative journey.